Thursday, September 13, 2007

Seasonal Drinker

I'm not so much a fan of cabernet.

It's alright as red wines go, but I'd take a glass of merlot over a cab any day.

It takes a cold, blustery wind and a roaring fire to get me in the mood for a glass of red. Something about the tannins that send shockwaves of warmth radiating through my body.

September is the time to enjoy the last of the riesling, with it's summer sweetness that just giggles of late night walks and stolen moments.

This season's Bacchanalian Society event takes over at Cincinnati's Freedom Center tonight, and the theme is Cabernet. I'm trying to get in the mood, but the gorgeous sunshine and azure blue skies are not helping.

Today's weather isn't right for cabernet. It's good for pinot or maybe a nice shiraz, what with those bursts of berry sweetness.

Hell. I'd still go for a gin and tonic this time of year. And since we're talking liquor, it's quite alright to pour yourself a long, tall drink of Woodford and Coke. I'm not snobby when it comes to Kentucky bourbon - I'll drink it any day of the year. But there's something about the sound of a flying pigskin and the smell of dying leaves that makes me dream of the caramel, oaken secret of the Bluegrass.


That's saved for something special. A good bottle (a split will do for those of us on a budget) is in order when celebrating a big moment like a baby, a wedding or even a fancy vacation (hello, London!) Korbel is pretty much Old Faithful on New Year's Eve but Cooks and all those other less expensive versions will do, too.

Unless you're talking the champagne of beer.

I'm not so much a Miller High Life girl. For some reason that selection brings to mind visions of long, frosty nails and daisy dukes. As far as domestics go, I'm cheap and easy. Miller Lite, Bud Light, I'll drink it all. If it were my choice, though, I'd order a Blue Moon, a Smithwicks or a Guinness.

I can't wait to explore the offerings on the other side of The Pond.

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