Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Random Stew

Some of the comings and goings I notice from where I sit...

Dracula at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park is phenomenal.

If you like special effects, a chilling classic and old fashioned drama, then I suggest you check it out. The small, semi-circle theatre is a great venue for the special effects of dim lighting, creeping fog and flying tricks. And while all of the actors were great, I especially liked the insane asylum character R.M. Renfield, played by Scott Schafer. He provided the needed levity and also a bit of depth essential to the play.

You can catch Dracula at the Playhouse in Eden Park through October 5th.

Some people are really into their dogs.

That's the take away after going to a cool dog race Saturday afternoon. I tagged along with someone who has two darling Whippets. These stunning creatures were made to race, and so that's just what some people do on the weekends.

I am considering getting a dog (despite the protests from mom and dad) and so the observation was an added bonus to the fun conversation. We discussed the fact that some dogs must have their anal glands relieved.

I don't think that's a task I'm interested in managing.
In two weeks - I will have finished my last day of work and packing for vacation.

I express to you the sheer relief I am finding in the pending time off.

Before I go, though, I am spending some of my free time researching spots I've yet to discover in London and the fun stuff to do in Amsterdam.

Some of that fun stuff includes the fine coffee shops of the Netherlands.

And some of those coffee shops don't really sell coffee.

They actually sell soft drugs like marijuana, hash and mushrooms.

Who knew?

Well..... I guess I did.

I'm not so much into psychodelic drugs, but I DID notice an interesting snippet in the news today. Apparently the mayor of Amsterdam is proposing a three-day wait for magic mushrooms. This proposal comes after several dangerous incidents drug-seeking tourists.

My question is this: what kind of tie-dye wearin', wide-whale coordoroy sportin', Uncle John's Band singin' shrooms fan is gonna wait three days for a hit?


glass said...

It's high on the touristy list, but the Heineken Tour ("experience") in Amsterdam is pretty dang fun.

If you've more than a few days, take a bus down to De Hoge Veluwe ( http://www.hogeveluwe.nl ) and grab a bike (they're included with the price of admission). Ride down tot he Kröller-Müller Museum ( http://www.kmm.nl/?lang=en ). I'm not good wanting to go to museums, but in this setting - it's sublime.

Skip the Sex Museum, it's lame.

Becky said...

Yes, some of us are (a little too much) into our dogs... just ask L.M. Houshmandzadeh. :)

And, we GLADLY pay our vet $15 to... um... extract (gross) Larry's glands. So don't let that stop you. :)