Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Bachelor

Is there a decent man to be had in Cincinnati?

That's the question posed to me last night by a girl casting for The Bachelor show.

I ran into Crystal at One World Wednesday at the Art Museum. She was looking for TV-worthy candidates for the next series of episodes, and I visited with her for a bit while volunteering at a table in the grand hall.

I caught up with her later in the evening and asked how the prospects were turning out.

She said there were plenty of attractive men out and about but they were all too short.

Too short?

Crystal said the handsome candidate had to be at least 6' tall.


I have to say - I have a thing for tall men, too. But I guess the pre-req didn't wash with me because I know I've met plenty of handsome men with a smaller stature.

Besides - Crystal said she found only one candidate in Chicago the week before...

So I don't know how well she'd fare in the Queen City.

I've been looking here for my own Bachelor for almost three years.

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Jeregano said...

Damn that 6'0" or nothing attitude! I feel that our society is far to sizeist! That is right, if you are a man there is a major disadvantage you must fight through if you are under 6ft in this country. It is the next great civil rights battle! LOL