Friday, November 02, 2007

Comments From The Peanut Gallery

I'm in the process of downloading music for my new iPod.

Anybody have any suggestions of MUST HAVE songs of any genre?


glass said...

I _really_ like the new Radiohead (available for whatever you want to pay digitally at In Rainbows.) It's totally hard to get into, but worth it after force feeding.

Though they play that Feist "1234" song all the time on the iPod commercial, her whole album "The Reminder" is totally solid good.

Also digging these albums: Tegan & Sara "The Con", Kanye West's "Graduation", Band of Horses "Cease to Begin", St. Vincent "Marry Me", The New Pornographers "Challengers"

Kate The Great said...

Chris - I love Feist. I heard her album at a friend's house and i've been jonsing ever since!!

Denae said...

Yes, DO download Hotel Costes 8 or Ibizia Cafe Mambo. Great tunes with a jazzy vibe. Also, MC Hammer 'Can't Touch This' is always a crowd pleaser. :)