Tuesday, November 20, 2007

From The Newspaper #2

Why didn't I read this years ago?

Dear Amy: I'm in love with one of my best guy friends. The only thing is, he doesn't know how I feel. It's hard for me to see him just walk by without him even knowing how I feel about him. Should I tell him that I like him and give him this letter I have held onto for about four months, or should I just sit there and wait until he notices that I like him? I don't want to sit around waiting for him to notice, but I don't know how he'll react. I'd rather have him in my life as a friend than not at all. I would truly do anything for him, and I mean anything. He's my life and he doesn't know it. How do I make the move without losing his friendship? When do you know it's the right time to say something and not get rejected from both the friendship and the love connection?-- Love Sick

Dear Sick: Giving a guy a letter you've been carrying around for four months probably isn't a good idea, especially if it's all crumpled and stained from being in the bottom of your backpack. I vote for first having coffee, chai tea or a slushy. It can be awful to carry a torch for a friend, but if you can relax and pull back a little from those "He's my life, and he doesn't even know it" feelings, then your head will clear and you'll approach this more rationally. This is a delicate business. Sometime soon, you can say, "You know I have a little crush on you, right?" Don't hit him with a letter, poetry or lyrics from an Indigo Girls song. Keep it simple, watch his reaction and if he's a friend, he'll be honest with you. And even if you're disappointed, you'll understand and respect his answer.

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