Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mind The Gap

That's what folks could be saying at the Transport for London while navigating around Emma Clarke's sound booth.

The woman who recorded the soothing announcements for the Tube transportation system got sacked after making an off handed remark to the Times of London. Clarke was quoted as saying the tube is awful - and as a somewhat regular London tourist, I'd occasionally agree - but the fact of the matter is she was referring to the experience of hearing her own voice while using the public transportation.

Anyone who has visited the stunning city on the Thames is familiar with Clarke's calm warnings and announcements, "Thank you for traveling on the Central line." Her voice and delivery are smooth, comforting and graceful - a perfect welcome for a flustered commuter or a weary traveler thousands of miles from home.

Clarke has a clever blog featuring some spoof Tube announcements. Some of them address the perverts you'll encounter while traipsing from pub to club on a night out on the town.

Others poke fun at the reputation that Londoners are cold, egotistical and self important. "Residents of London are reminded there are other places in Britain outside your stinking shit hole of a city, and if you remove your heads from your asses for just a couple of minutes, you may realize that the M 25 is not the edge of the earth."

Perhaps the folks at the TfL should take heed of that sentiment.

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Denae said...

Haha. I was reading her spoof announcements in the METRO the other day and was loving the one you posted.