Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Break From The Rough Stuff

It's easy to forget that life goes on when your brain is consumed with concern.

The intelligent design that went into creating mankind fails to provide us with an option to override distraught emotion - no matter how much you may try, your heart and soul never stop forgetting about the big picture.

But a good distraction can help.

I am lucky enough to have come across a few solid distractions since this mess with Maevey erupted.

I enjoyed a brief but sweet visit from my best friend in the whole world - D Money. D is back in the States after living in London for a year and a half. We did our damnedest to stay in touch during that time (my two visits overseas and her several visits to Cincinnati) and I am so so thrilled at the thought she is moving back to our fine continent to take an anchoring job in Eugene, Oregon.

Kate and Denae at the Heineken Brewery tour - Amsterdam - October '07

The return to America is not without some heartache for D Money. The former Local 12 anchor/reporter left the US to get her Masters in International Journalism at London's University of Westminster. She graduated with a brain full of knowledge and a heart full of love. D met an amazing man while overseas and has had to grapple with the challenge of leaving her love for an opportunity to return to the broadcasting business.

We stayed up until 4:00 in the morning yesterday talking about personal goals, challenges and of course the old fashioned gossip that girlfriends have shared since the dawn of time. D's visit went by like a flash but I am thrilled I won't have to bring my passport along next time I visit her.

Saturday night I spent my evening with my good friend Jos. I had tickets to see Dance Brazil at Cincinnati's legendary Music Hall and I brought Jos along since he says he's up for anything. Jos had also indicated he wanted to check out this grand dame of local performance halls someday and Dance Brazil seemed as good a time as any.

Jos and I passed the time before the performance checking out the crowd and admiring the grandeur of the historic hall.

The performance was interesting - the physicality of the dancers was amazing and Jos and I were both simultaneously stunned and jealous of their muscle tone.

After the performance we headed to one of my favorite dining spots - Andy's Mediterranean in Walnut Hills. Great marinaded chicken kabobs and the baba ganoush was zesty. The evening was a perfect opportunity to get all dolled up and forget about my worries.

My biggest distraction over these recent days is the news that I am leaving the broadcasting business.

I've spent the past nine years toiling in local news and I've learned a lot. Now I am heading to a new opportunity in the non-profit world. I start my new position in my new career in two weeks and I cannot wait!

I'll tell you a little bit more about my new adventure in the days ahead, but needless to say my heart is a bit uplifted because of the promise of future opportunities. challenges and personal growth.


NB-C said...

WHAT?!!!!! Congrats on getting out of the business! Do tell, what will you be doing and for whom?

The Notorious N.A.T said...

I second NB-C - WHAATT!!!! We want details!!!

Kate The Great said...

NB-C and Nat, thank you thank you for your enthusiasm! That's how I feel about things, too...

I will be more forthcoming in the days ahead about my venture. It's a done deal but I'd like to wait to write about it until I close the books on TV.

I think writing about the future will lead me to talk a little bit about the past and perhaps it would be better for everyone if I did that after making a clean break from the current situation.

I'm trying to decide how much I want to take advantage of the last word.