Sunday, March 30, 2008

Maeve Update

Brigid emailed our father saying doctors stitched the baby up today. She and my brother-in-law, Steve, are now at Maeve's bedside hoping this whole thing takes.

The hospital is closely monitoring Maeve to see if she continues to expel the fluid well - we hope the procedure is successful a second time around.

Brig says they will know more about the chances this afternoon or evening, and that's when she will call home to Mom and Dad - who have been given express orders (by yours truly) to pass on the information.

My sister has asked Mom and Dad to forgo an Atlanta visit for the time being - she and Steve have a good routine worked out involving this hospital business and would rather not upset the apple cart. Brig says it would make more sense to have our parents around when Maeve is downgraded to the "step-down unit." Right now Maeve is in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit with her very own nurse assigned to take care of her every need. We are praying she won't be so needy for much longer, but only time will tell.

Mom has bought Maeve a huge wardrobe of special clothing that is appropriate for Maeve's recovery - all cardigans and jumper type outfits that won't require Maeve to stretch or pull her arms up over her chest.

That little girl is going to be spoiled, and rightly so.

*** Maeve Sunday Night Update 11:07 pm ***

Brigid called home and said Maeve is getting rid of her fluid. The baby went in to the hospital weighing a bit more than 13 pounds. After the surgery and she was all the way up to 17 lbs. - I cannot imagine that little peanut taking on just about a third of her weight in extra fluid. Maeve is thankfully back down to over 13 lbs.

Maeve is expected to stay at the CICU through Thursday or Friday - that's when we hope she'll get transferred to the Step Down Unit.

My little niece has something like 30 tubes going in and out of her... I can't imagine how hard it is for my sister to go see her baby in that condition.

Maeve is a true gift from God.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, I'm happy to hear the good news on Maeve. Our mom has been keeping us in the loop on what's been happening. As you might know, our Moms are good friends. Anyway, hope you're doing better and we're all praying for maeve and your fam :))
Pam Dahl Bunnell (Michele Dahl's daughter)

Denae said...

i love this pic of little M. she is so precious. x