Thursday, March 27, 2008

Maeve Update

I got a brief update on Maevey today. Brigid called my dad and says my niece is stable. She apparently has some bruising on her body and doctors don't know what caused it.

Maeve continues to go potty and this is a good sign that she is getting rid of all the fluid in her body.

The heart appears to be doing alright.

Brigid says doctors are hoping to sew the baby up next Monday. They haven't come right out and said it but we think maybe they realize now they were overly optimistic about her recovery.

Maeve is staying in the pediatric cardiology ICU - she's in a big room with about 27 other cardiac babies coping with their own ailments of the heart.

The nurses tell Brig and Steve that Maeve has the most beautiful blue eyes they've ever seen - and I'd have to agree.

Most babies react positively to touch but Maeve will have none of it. She is a bit of a private creature and doesn't want to be manhandled by a bunch of strangers. Brig remarked that she is the same way - not so much a "touchy feely" type and we attribute this trait to our own mother. Dad and I are far more physical in nature and love to express our emotions through hugs and kisses and other gestures.

Even though Brigid's not a touchy-feely type, she says she's just dying to kiss her baby.

I am home sick today - I think my emotions and late night worrying have taken a toll on my health. I've got a long list of unpleasant symptoms including swollen glands in my neck, congestion, body ache and a bit of a fever.

Dad says he told Brig to call me and give me an update sometime today, so hopefully I'll have some new information for you all.

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