Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Long Time Coming

Hi friends.

I am so glad you've arrived at what I like to call my literary playground.

As the title of my blog implies ~ the thoughts, opinions and concepts discussed here are completely random. I am likely to discuss faith, my spectacular shoe collection, a hot local restaurant and the comings and goings of my family in a single week.

I've had this blog since 2004, and I've thoroughly enjoyed meeting new internet friends and reacquainting with old friends along the way. As you can see by my stat counter at the bottom of the page, I've enjoyed a healthy dose of random traffic over the years (137,258 unique page loads at the time of this writing!)

That said, I think it's time we go over some blog etiquette. Whether we are sharing a meal together or enjoying a phone conversation - manners are extremely important to me (I keep one of Emily Post's books in my powder room). I expect to be treated with respect and kindness at all times, including on da blog.

So here are some ground rules to follow as you meander through my site and all the other blogs on the WWW.

First and foremost - #1 Don't steal my stuff. I am not God's gift to the written word, but I'd like to think I can successfully string together a few sentences from time to time. All of the posts on this blog are considered intellectual property, with me being the soul creator and owner. If you want to use a bit of it, ask. That's why I provided my email address below my pic. If you ask nicely, you're more likely to get a nice answer.

Now that we got that bit out of the way...

#2 If you're going to leave a comment - make sure it's a well crafted idea that contributes to the general idea of the post. It doesn't have to sound like a Shakespearian sonnet, but I'd like to think you put some thought into it, after all - I spend quite a bit of time mulling over my ideas and editing them before you get to read them. I expect the same from my readers.

Also pertaining to comments: #3 Please don't use my blog as a forum to pimp your own page, your business, your event, your art etc. If you really want some recognition, re-read Rule #2. Be witty. Be insightful. Be open. Maybe I'll like what you have to say, maybe I won't. Either way, chances are I'll take notice and check out your page.

I am so grateful for any occasion when someone thinks enough of my blog to put a link on their own page. That said, #4 just because you link to me - that doesn't guarantee I'll link back. I actually am quite discriminating about the links I include in my sidebar. All of the featured blogs offer either excellent writing, intelligent insight about the world around us, or unique content about my hometown. I don't throw up links willy nilly, so don't be hurt if I don't include you.

Finally #5 Please respect my private life. Three years ago I discovered my former employer and my father had both started reading my blog. That's when I started toning down the content on my pages. These days, I don't talk about my personal relationships or my workplace. That's just bad business (on both accounts). Please keep in mind I am a real person with real problems who may or may not reveal to you the full story. Just because you read my pages - it does not mean you know me. I am happy to continue email correspondence with my blog readers, but I likely do not want to meet you face-to-face. As you can gather, I have a pretty busy life socially and professionally and do not use my blog to enhance either aspect.

Thanks again for checking out my blog! I hope I make you laugh, think, and feel along the way, and I hope you do the same for me.


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Becky said...

Oooo, I like to think that Larry offers "intelligent insight." He is a pretty smart guy... HAHA


Hope you are well! Your pie looks AWESOME. Can I be your coworker today? :)

The Notorious N.A.T said...

Love it. Can I pimp out your blog and hang out with you too? Preferrably in foreign places? I spelled that wrong didn't I?

Kate The Great said...

Becky - I love any comment of Larry's! And yes, my place of business is offering "KtG's Intern Day" today for those folks who want a piece of the pie!

Nat - Of course you can pimp out my blog! And hang out with me, too! Hey ... I have a new trip idea cooking. Maybe this fall or next spring? Rent a convertable and drive down from Oregon, hit the PCH and check out San Fran, Carmel, LA and San Diego (plus all the other fabulous places along the way.)

Wanna go?

Europe is just too damned expensive these days.

t2ed said...

I wish I wrote stuff that peeps want to steal.

But that's why I don't give out my secret bbq recipes. Even on Derby weekend.

Jeregano said...

LOL I think I stole a video once, but I sited that I saw it here first I am fairly sure (D*ck in a bok I think). That all seems like common sense to me. I've seen you out and about (wine tastings and boutique target) and would never have thought that "Man KtG would really love for me, someone she doesn't really know, to walk up to her and ask her a ,probably, too personal question about something on her blog!" Common sense.

Kate The Great said...

t2ed - I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to steal your advice for singletons!! You provide incredible insight for my solo sisters... I think you've found your niche :)

Jeregano - my Kentucky brother. I can't believe you've seen me out and about and not introduced yourself! Dude, next time you've got to say hello. We can talk about Johnny Cash, your scientific endeavours or our favorite Bluegrass state. Or whatever trips your trigger on my blog - you've been a long time reader, man, and I'd love to meet you!

Chris F. said...

I do have to admit while I love what the internet has to offer, after using it for almost 15 years, I still find it to be a strange little animal. Especially since being a latecomer to the world of blogging, I've read and even posted some rather crazy stuff.

It must be like running for public office. In the back of my mind, I think anyone who would do that and thus expose themselves for all to see must be at least temporarily insane.