Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Maeve Update

Not much has changed in Maeve's status.

My sister continues to visit her now seven-month-old baby girl twice a day.

At one point this past weekend, Maeve held on to Brigid's finger for an hour and a half and looked up into Brigid's eyes.

My sister started talking to her baby girl about how she's hoping Maeve is home in time for the Fourth of July and all of the fun they'd have when Maeve returns home. Brigid is promising Maeve cupcakes - big, fluffy pink cupcakes.

We are praying that Brigid will get to hold her little girl by Mother's Day.

My sister told my parents that only 20 percent of patients survive the heart procedure Maeve experienced Friday March 21st. We are amazed at how strong our Maevey Bean is and how determined she is to live.

My parents are extremely proud of their only grandchild, and I must say, Aunt Katy is pretty damn proud, too.

Thanks for keeping Maevey in your thoughts and prayers.

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LMJ said...

I hope you sister gets to hold little Maeve soon too. Lots of love and support for your family.