Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Hair

I am channeling my inner Breck girl today - circa 1982.

This is what happens when the water company tells you they're shutting off the building's water at 2:30 in the morning and you decide to bathe before you go to sleep and then discover you're too tired to do your hair at 12:30 am but know if you don't you'll wake up with the most hideous "White Trash Wave" this side of Brown County so you reluctantly put velcro rollers in your hair and then wrap a T-shirt around your head because you don't have any do-rags but know that when ladies wear curlers to bed in the movies they usually wear a scarf or something to contain all that is glorious then you struggle to sleep at night because Hello you have plastic rollers the size of coke cans in your hair but finally catch a few winks and dream of sharing a cigarette with a Jake Gyllenhaal-like character who is working as a clerk in a rustic bookstore and ignoring the crowd of customers assembling because he was enjoying a moment with me discussing the legalization of marijuana until we were so rudely interrupted by the persistent alarm on my BlackBerry.

Yeah, that's how I did my hair today.

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Donald said...

The picture took a few extra seconds to load on my computer. I was hoping we were going to be treated to a picture of really big hair--you know, '80s style "mall-chick" hair, the kind that only a full can of Aquanet can create.

That's not to say that your hair doesn't look lovely (it does, of course, as it always does)....just not quite as big as I remember my friends wearing it back then. Of course, there's probably some environmental law against making it that big anymore. Heh.

Unknown said...

I think your hair looks nice!