Sunday, November 08, 2009

Party of One

Is it weird to throw a birthday party for yourself?

That was a topic of discussion during a conversation with my sister.

She made a critical comment about someone throwing their own fete, and I found myself growing defensive.

You see, I am single, and I do not have a significant other to plan the ins and outs of a party in my honor. I am left to come up with my own festivities if I long to celebrate my life with some fanfare.

I don't know if it's a dynamic my sister has ever considered.

And as we both sat there thinking about each other's life circumstances, I began to grow envious. My birthday is a few weeks away, and I wish I had a spouse or partner with whom I could celebrate the moment.

I know the party and the presents and the spotlight would be nice... but really, I'd just appreciate having someone who would share my appreciation for the gift I've been given.

It would be nice to know there was someone just as grateful I was embarking on another year of life.

Sometimes it's so hard... but I need to remind myself that patience is rewarded with the greatest gifts.

And THAT will be reason to party.

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Anonymous said...

I'm married and I still throw birthday parties for myself. Kevin just happens to live here and is sort of roped into helping play host. But I do all the planning, inviting, and everything. I have for years. So I say go ahead and throw a party. It's an excuse to have an actual party, after all, and I doubt anyone would begrudge you that. Everyone loves a party (and you)!
- Michelle

Tony B said...

I generally do my own planning. I usually keep it simple, dinner then drinks at my local watering hole.
One year it was skipping work and seeing a Reds game with a new girlfriend.
This year it was seeing the Bengals lose to the Broncos with an extra ticket in my pocket. After the game though I had some Pat Murphy time and went out with some friends and it was one of the best days ever.
Fun is where you make it.

Unknown said...

You don't have to have a significant other to have parties thrown for you. I've thrown many parties for close friends and vice versa.

And beyond that, once again you don't need a significant other to share the moment with, isn't that what friends are all about?

It sounds to me like you are dramatically selling your friends short.

lauren said...

I can't tell you how many times I've gone through the same thought process. As the only one of my close friends who is not married (literally, the ONLY ONE!) I typically end up planning my own birthday celebration. I like to get a small group together for drinks or dinner, and I always spend the weekend leading up to my birthday with my parents... who make every birthday feel as special as when I was little.

So in short: I don't think there's a single thing wrong with planning your own party to celebrate another year of your fabulous life.

Lauren Bishop said...

It's not weird at all! I've been single for many big occasions in my life and I've always tried to make the most of it. I didn't have a date for my senior prom, so I got a big group of people together who also didn't have dates and probably wouldn't have gone otherwise. We had a fantastic time. My last couple of birthdays were joint celebrations with two good friends who had birthdays within a week of of mine; we ended up with a fun group of both singles and couples. Plus, when you're single, there's no pressure to have a super-romantic evening--you can just surround yourself with good friends and have fun. And I'm sure any event you plan will be nothing but. :)

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