Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Few Random Nuggets

The newshound in me is always hungry.

At least today's news sates my need for the savory.

First up - Lobster Bisque. Have you ever had something so fantastic? Buttery, salty, rich? The creamy, peachy-salmon soup is the meal of choice for rich and poor men alike in the Northeast.

In my high school and college days, I'd scoop ladles of hot lobster bisque into bowls straight from the waitress station at the Wharf Restaurant/Madison Beach Hotel. Sometimes the ladle would include a massive piece of lobster, sometimes not.

The nice customers always got the bowls with the lobster chunks.

God, now I'm dying for a trip to New England. Time to assess my future forecast.

Also from the NYT (aside: can you believe there are actually people in this universe who do not read this newspaper? These people are dead to me), Thanksgiving is a week away - are you ready to slay the dragon that is your holiday dinner? Make it easy on yourself and prepare one item each day leading up to next Thursday. Here's a handy list of 101 dishes that you can make ahead - allowing for more merriment (or for some of you, cocktails and forced togetherness) on the big day.

Speaking of the big day, the traditional Thanksgiving meal deserves a big finish. I tend to stay true to my mom's treasured Derby Pie recipe when making a dessert for the holidays - the chocolate and pecan concoction is a perfect way to wrap a special day. And while my made-from-scratch pie crust is legendary, I might be willing to try something different. Say, a pie crust made with bacon and bourbon?

Who knew the folks in Los Angeles could come up with a new inventive way to pair my favorite spirit with my favorite it's-not-just-for-breakfast meat?

And of my favorite spirit, someone in San Diego is just noticing this speakeasy trend that I blogged about 15 months ago. The Gaslamp Gal suspects bourbon is the new "it" liquor, what with all of the crafted cocktails cropping up with bourbon as the main event.

Bourbon may be the new "it" liquor in the Golden State, but it's been a mainstay in the Bluegrass for an eternity.

Thank God for that.

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