Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm Not On The Lam


Lots of stuff going on, and I'm still coping with a broken power adapter for my laptop.

The biggest thing in my world as of late - I'm trying to sell a thousand copies of Cincinnati Seasoned this weekend.

Join me and a bunch of other nice Junior League ladies at the Holiday Market at the Duke Energy Center.

Our booth is right across from Taste of Belgium's waffle booth, so if you get lost and can't find us, just sniff really hard.

But maybe not too hard - I'd hate for people to think you have either a drug problem or serious nasal drippage.


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1 comment:

LMJ said...

Purchase the JLC cookbook to support great friend - Check!

Enjoy the afternoon browsing through the cookbook filled with tasty recipes, beautiful photos, and learn a little Cincinnati history - Check!

AWESOME job Kate the Great, I'm very proud of you on this accomplishment.

Now, tell me more about this mentoring program, I'm interested in taking on some volunteering. Let's meet up soon!!!