Friday, April 30, 2010

25 Random Things About Me

Had to come up with 25 random facts about myself as part of my assuming a board position within the Junior League of Cincinnati.

Hope you enjoy these random nuggets as much as I did coming up with them!

1. Grew up in Cincinnati, but am actually a "Southern Belle" by birth, via Charlotte, NC. Have also lived in Minneapolis, MN, Madison, CT and Lexington, KY.

2. Attended Sycamore schools and Ursuline Academy; moved to CT after my freshman year and finished schooling there.

3. Proud graduate of the University of Kentucky!

4. Speaking of my UK years, I came down with mono my freshman year, and doctors said it was the University's worst case on record at the time (1995).

5. I have a degree in Journalism and spent the first nine years of my career working as a news producer for WTVQ, the ABC affiliate in Lexington and WKRC, the CBS affiliate in Cincinnati (Local 12).

6. I am the oldest of three girls and am a textbook "oldest child."

7. Also a textbook Sagittarius. I LOVE adventure!

8. Have traveled extensively in the US and Europe. If you ever want to know about the best Thai food in London, just ask me!

9. Originally, I wanted to major in Voice in college, but my parents weren't keen on that idea.

10. I have performed in front of a packed house at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and at some of Cincinnati's best karaoke bars!

11. I keep a hard bound copy of the Warren Commission on President Kennedy's assassination, and a paperback of Emily Post's Miss Manners in my powder room as interesting reading material.

12. I met several celebrities during my TV days; once ended up doing shots of tequila with Woody Harrelson.

13. While in college, I was a sports reporter for the school's newspaper for 1.5 years; finished my senior year as a regular editorial columnist.

14. An avid cook and baker, I have a killer pie crust recipe that even my mother is envious of!

15. I tried my hand at a bunch of sports as a kid, including soccer, swimming, tennis, gymnastics, horseback riding, field hockey and even track. Swimming and horseback riding were the only ones I was any good at.

16. I am absolutely terrified of heights. I don't mind flying in planes, but anything else pretty much freaks me out.

17. I am left handed.

18. My favorite restaurant - Slims in Northside. I love going there with 10 people and about 14 bottles of wine... and spend three hours enjoying their prix fixe menu. An incredibly special moment with dear, dear friends.

19. Was once hired by Sophisticated Living magazine to write a restaurant review of Honey, also in Northside. Was an awesome experience at an awesome restaurant.

20. I've walked across Golden Gate Bridge and back! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the US.

21. While I am really comfortable with the written word, I absolutely hate numbers. I don't do any math if I can help it, including balancing my checkbook.

22. When I bought my first car out of college, I couldn't even drive it! It was a stick shift. The dealer gave me a 20 minute lesson, and I spent the rest of the day teaching myself! Have only driven manual cars ever since.

23. Believe it or not, I used to have a tongue ring.

24. I've never broken a bone in my body. Yet.

25. I am a huge "culture vulture" and love doing any volunteer work I can for the arts (and for many other worthy organizations in Cincinnati!)

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Mae Rae said...

Wow! I am also a #7 drive a standard 5 on the floor and very proud of my accomplishment in the #24 range as well.

These were great to know about!

cfoxes33 said...

Woody Harrelson's mom lived on the street behind me. I met him, but I knew his brothers Gordon and Brett better. She use to give tours of her house and especially his bedroom to all her friends! LOL

Ara said...

Your 25 things about you is SO much more interesting and fun than my 25 things about me!

Tony B said...

Woo left handed!

Rhonda said...

Another leftie checking in! And I'm the oldest of three girls. Interesting 25 things.