Monday, April 26, 2010

Art Saves Lives

You never know where you're going to find a bit of wisdom.


I had no idea the patrons of the Hofbrauhaus were such culture vultures.

I snapped this pic last month when my friends and I enjoyed one of the first truly gorgeous, sunny afternoons of spring.

We gathered to enjoy the sunshine, and also I was in a bit of a funk, so my dear posse rallied to cheer me up.

I am so grateful for my dear, dear friends.

But I digress.

Art saves lives. The quick quip scrawled on a wooden table in the Hof's outdoor biergarten. I don't know the validity of this claim - surely there's research out there that can either confirm or disprove this argument.

What I do know is, art makes me think and feel. Art makes me appreciate the world around me. Art revives emotions that lay dormant beneath my surface.

Art makes me happy, and I suppose that's one step toward saving my life.

Cincinnati's Fine Arts Fund campaign wraps Thursday. This is an effort to help bring the arts to neighborhoods all over our community. The FAF is pushing to make its goal so it can showcase the arts in local schools and support such beloved venues like The Playhouse in the Park and the Cincinnati Ballet.

Think about how art impacts your life - and what you can do to save it in our community.

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Donald said...

Or perhaps the author was simply referring to a paramedic named Arthur who frequents the beer garden....