Friday, April 02, 2010

I Want To Go Somewhere Far

I want to feel the dirt from a thousand places beneath my fingertips.

A place, a space where everyone share smiles and compassion and humanity. A place where we celebrate the differences and remark on the undeniable commonality in every single being.

I want to taste the universe. The far flung flavors of Goa or Ibiza or Hanoi. My tastebuds have yet to savor a thousand flavors, my eyes have yet to see a million colors.

A place where time stops and life thrives with experience and exchange. A place where past and present colide with nature and technology. A place where kindness reigns.

I want to dance. Moves my feet and hips have never felt, to music and beats and songs my ears deserve, no, need to hear. Through movement, we can share a ritual that spans any cultural barrier.

A place where raging waters stop with stillness, a place where sunlight is a baptism for hope and optimism. A place where hands are soft and arms are obsolete.

I want to go somewhere far.

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