Friday, April 02, 2010


Do you really think I'm going anywhere?

Didn't you click the link to my "new blog"?!

I love a good Rick Roll...

Here's what you all had to say (via comment or tweet) about my news:
  • Say it ain't so!!! Your one of the few blogs I've continued to read on a regular basis!!!
  • hoping for that to be an April fools joke.
  • best of luck Kate w your new venture.
  • transitions are my favorite. hope this is as exciting for you as it sounds to me.
  • If you just woke up this morning and schemed all that up. Kudos. And, fun times if you have been planning.
  • Look forward to seeing the NEW blog!
  • Wow! RT @kate_the_great: Nice While It Lasted: All good things must come to an end, and the same is true for my blog…
  • congrats Kate! Sounds awesome!
  • it's plausible, but I'm calling April Fools
  • Good one, but... no...
  • OK, I'll admit it. @kate_the_great RickRoll'D me this morning. It's cool. I can handle it.
  • Congrats on the news w/ your blog. That is pretty freakin' awesome! Rock on girl! :-)
  • It was nice while it lasted - thanks for the posts! Happy trails!
  • Wow! That makes me sad - but I look forward to continuing to keep up with you and your adventures in your new spot!
  • Crazy! thats awesome wild incredible off the map. Now we definitely need to catch up, can't wait to hear about what all is going on. Let us all know when you pop up again 
  • DOH, I bit too hard on that one.
  • April Fools, right? Your links were a little nuts on this one.
  • Doh! I have been roll'd
  • Learned something new today - I've been rick rolled! LOL - Hope you have a great weekend Kate the Great!
  • I can't believe I fell for it...
Sorry for the silly prank, friends, but I just love a good joke :)

PS - I'm not alone in this - looks like the entire internet loves April Fool's Day!! Click here and here for more wacky examples.

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Donald said...

Your post was impressive. I've seen examples of rick-rolling before, but I'd never actually been rick-rolled; I'd always figured it out before clicking the link. But not yesterday.

Well done.

TGirsch said...

I missed this, but Rick rolling is soooo 2007. You needed to send them here.

(See here for more details.)