Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Booty Pop! And Other Random Videos

If you've seen me coming, you know I have a big rack.

If you've seen me going, you know I have a flat ass.


My bum could be used as an end table or cutting board, it's that flat.

I guess we flat assers of the world can rest easy - some brilliant inventor has created Booty Pop.

This is either a hilarious joke, or effing brilliant.

(Hat tip to my FB pal SMB for posting this!)

And now to a commentary on our modern-day, Facebookin' Twitterin' YouTubin' society.

Sometimes it's just a good idea to not engage with someone else online.

Stay offa my Facebook.

(Hat tip to all around great social media diva, @LauraMorarity).

On any given Sunday, you will not find me at the gridiron. I will not be glued to my television to watch a pigskin sail across the pixels like a Hail Mary dream in Green Bay.

No, I could give a flying duck about football.

On Sunday, I will be at brunch.

As it turns out, so will Mike Tyson - with a bunch of hipsters.

(Hat tip on this one goes to none other than @The_Joey, who cannot stop talking about this video).

As for some videos I found on my own... here's a new one that's sure to be a family favorite. The Lady GaGa Poker Face Makeup Application Video.


It appears I am not the only one in love with The GaGa.

Switching gears... just so you know, Obama is going to kick some ass.


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Tilly said...

Flat arsed women UNITE! Would you want a large rack and a large butt?