Monday, June 14, 2010

Neighborhood Bidnass

I'd love to get rid of my car.

Picture it: I'd sell my Saab and buy a scooter (a red Stella with a matching helmet), and use the rest of the cash as a down payment on a condo in OtR. When not on scooter, I could hit the pavement with my bike, complete with a basket on the front.

I could walk the blocks to pick up my bread, milk and cuppa joe. Along the way, I'd say hello to friends, neighbors shopkeepers and other pals.

It sounds so Capra-esque.

Thing is, I don't know if my future neighborhood offers everything I need. Where do I take my dry cleaning? Where's the closest car wash? Is there a pharmacy in Over-the-Rhine? Are there any local Chinese restaurant joints that deliver in the neighborhood? Do the basic pizza chains deliver to OtR?

What about shoe repair, a manicurist and bank? Sure, I could do banking in Clifton, Walnut Hills or Downtown Cincinnati... but I'd love it if PNC had a branch in OtR, or at the very least, an ATM.

I so want to embrace my new neighborhood, and all the businesses it has to offer. I just wish more businesses would offer what I need...

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Julie said...

Let's see.

Chinese: King Wok and Red Pepper deliver; King Wok later than Red Pepper.

Dry cleaning: Downtown.

Car wash: there's a place on 13th that does car washes and a detailing spot on Central (though I guess not having a car would eliminate the need for car washes!)

Pizza: La Rosa's delivers to me. Papa John's doesn't, nor does Donatos.

Shoe repair: Krondilou's on Vine, just south of Central Parkway.

Manicurist: Incredible Creations on Vine.

I think it helps to think of Downtown-- all in easy walking distance-- as your neighborhood, and not just OTR. It's still growing. Maybe in a few years we can ditch our Saabs and not walk more than a few blocks for everything, but you still need just a bit of patience. :)

Tony B said...

Plus the walgreens at 4th and walnut or so. Not OTR, but not far away either.

Unknown said...

As you know, I live carless. Somewhat by choice, somewhat because I have the worst luck. It's difficult in Cincinnati, but not impossible.

The key for me is always the grocery store, and the busses. OTR works well on both accounts.

But, hey, what's a Cliftonite to do?