Monday, August 15, 2005

10 Questions

1) Should I get a "Hustler" t-shirt to wear in Las Vegas?

2) Is it okay for a girl to ring up a guy whom she used to be good friends with but hadn't seen in six years or so and they only recently went out for drinks last week, and well, is it okay for her to call him to see if he wants to grab another drink and or bite?

3) In reference to number 2, what does it mean when the guy says "God, Kate. I am so glad to have run into you. I forgot how much fun you are." ???

4) And in addendum to 2 and 3, what does it mean when said guy says "Chick (fyi, this quote came after I referred to the chick who lived above me). Reminds me of the old days. That's what I love about you, Kate. You're a guy's girl." What the hell does that mean?

5) About how much money should I plan on gambling while in Vegas next weekend? I'm not a big gambler, I don't feel real comfortable at the Blackjack tables, and I think the slots are lame. My friend referred to in questions 2/3/4 says I should try Craps because I'm a virgin at that game. At 28, it's nice to know I'm a virgin at something.

6) Should I try the topless tanning at Caesar's? I don't know that my chest would be the most comfortable place to get a burn.

7) What's the best way to go about getting a personal trainer? There are a bevy of them (many good looking gents, I might add) walking around my gym, but I'm worried about how obligated I'd be with sticking with once I got one. Okay, the truth is out. I'm a bit of a committment phobe.

8) I'm in the beginning (way, way, way beginning) stages of looking for my next car. Yippee. I hear my mom's nagging voice in my head complaining that I park on the street at home and -ee gads- it snows where I live. Is a convertable really out of the question?

9) If you had to pick one bill to pay, which one would it be: the cable or your cell phone? That last question is possibly hypothetical as my financial situation greatly hinges on my responsibility in Vegas. A girl with a great rack can count on a free drink here and there, right? And a pox on all of you who point out the white elephant in the room (read: my financial irresponsibility). God said "Eat, drink and be merry. For tomorrow we die." Oh wait, that was Dave Matthews. Anyway.

10) What is the shelf life of homemade sangria? It's been in my fridge for a week now and I just don't have the heart to throw it away. But it's wine and rum and sugar (and some fruit juice) so it can't really go bad, can it?


spydrz said...

I'll tackle #9: the cell. The cable people are much slower in cutting off their services.

Michael Hickerson said...

It is OK for you to call him and suggest dinner...

And I think the other comment shows that he's into you and that he remembres you.....which is a good thing right?