Thursday, August 18, 2005

Baby, You're Money

Kate the Great is getting ready for the big trip to Vegas.

The flight leaves Cincinnati's international airport tomorrow at 10:45 am. I arrive in Sin City at 4:30 Vegas time.

In my bags:
1-Black "Hustler" T-shirt. Not so much a fan of the porn industry as I am Jimmy Flynt's fierce protection of the First Amendment. My fellow journalists and I thank the man from Kentucky.
1-Pair of those oversized black sunglasses. Paired with my new flirty, blonde hairstyle, people are sure to mistake me for someone I'm not.
1-Bottle of rum.
1-Black bikini.
1-box of granola bars
1-four pack of Red Bull
2-Pairs of high heels. One black, the other silver with sequins.
Lots of cash
1-Glamour magazine
My trusty Burberry ballcap. Perfect for when I have a hangover or want to go incognito.
My pajamas. Don't really know whether I'll make it in them.
Two purses (one red box clutch and one black nylon hobo.)
My makeup.
Flat iron, hair dryer, curling iron and 5 different styling products.
Bottle of Tylenol.
Cell phone and a bunch of business cards

Am I forgetting anything?


Micah said...

Business cards? So exactly how much "networking" did you do?

And, frankly, we ALL were quite money this weekend. I had a blast and am glad that I am now officially a Bad Motherfucker. Thanks!

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