Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Clarence and Rocky

So, Clarence and Rocky were my airline companions on the way from Chi-town to Sin City.

I spotted these two dudes as soon as I was approaching the terminal gate. Their respective gazes washed up and down me and my black high heels, big black sunglasses and silver, sparkly scarf.

Hey, I like to dress up for any occasion, and I was gonna get to Vegas in style.


I gave the gate attendant my ticket and approached my seat. 15A. Right next to the window on a Ted (by United) Airbus. And there were Clarence and Rocky.

Rocky was in the seat on the aisle. He had a tattoo that looked like a stingray on his arm and he was wearing a pair of big, baggy Sean Jean sweat pants and a sleeveless gray t-shirt. There was a ring on his left hand with a little bit of ice on it and he had his headphones on.

Clarence was getting ready to be the meat in our little seat sandwich. He had on a red and khaki argyle St. Louis Cardinals hat, bill flipped to the side, and two big rocks in his ears. His face especially looked like that of Fitty Cent (as I like to call him), what with his thin trace of a beard along the jaw line. I think that 50 is pretty hot so I had no complaints sitting next to the likes of Clarence.

He and I hit it off immediately. He grilled me on why I was going to Vegas, who I was going with and what I was going to when I got there.

For fun, three other girls, and down a really great drink.


Clarence started joking with me in a familiar way. You know, the kind of joking that only comes when you're comfortable with someone. You know they're not going to be offended by your teasing and you know both parties involved are going to laugh after the comments start flying.

And that, my friends, is when he started talking about my titties.

If only Dave Chappelle were there. Clarence started talking just like him. "Kate, I must say, you have some mighty fine titties."

Oh. My. God.

I was in a really great mood (I mean, who wouldn't be. I was on my way to Vegas, c'mon) so I laughed it off and totally rolled along with the punches. Believe me, if he had freaked me out, I probably would have decked him.

I was fighting off serious exhaustion (I had worked my overnight shift immediately before jetting off for the Cincy airport) so I told C-Dawg I'd be getting some shut eye for a while. I woke up when the drink cart came by "I'll take a Miller Lite, please" and then Clarence and I resumed our chatting.

Rocky was pretty much the strong but silent type.

Clarence told me his cousin "Is married but that can become an optional kind of situation when we get to Vegas." We started talking about relationships, and the nuances that come when black men date white women.

Yes, we talked about nuances big and small.

For all the testosterone, Clarence was actually a pretty cool guy. He held my hand a couple times during some rough turbulence (I don't mind flying, but I really freak during the bouncy stuff) and he had a way of making me laugh.

Rocky, Clarence and I got off the plane when it was time to go, and we parted with a handshake and a So long.

The chance meeting was a great experience because it showed me a pure exchange of kindness and friendship between two passing souls from different places, different backgrounds and different stations in life.

And it reminded me that the first thing guys notice about me are my, well, you know.


Michael Hickerson said...

Your eyes, right?

Micah said...

You know, I always hope to be seated next to an attractive (preferably single) girl when I fly, but in all of the flights I've been on in my life that's happened once, maybe twice. So this trip I just slept. Hey, it was either that or watch Monster-in-Law.

I had a blast this weekend. I'm glad you and your titties could make it.

Oley said...

hehe cute! & i bet your titis are as well!