Thursday, August 04, 2005

My Girl Likes To Party All The Time...

So I'm having a party tomorrow, and y'all are invited.

If you know where I live (and some of you do), please stop on by the fiesta. We'll have margaritas, sangria, mojotos (notice the theme?) and lots of good food.

And that's why I'm happy today.

To say that I love to cook would be an understatement. I would say I'm in love with cooking. I've talked about it here and a little bit here and here (see number 34). There's something so creative and satisfying about buying all your raw ingredients and toiling with them, washing and chopping and such, and then watching it turn into something miraculous.

At least most of the time it's miraculous.

And that leads me to my Question of The Day: Anyone know the secret to making a great cheesecake crust? My actual cheesecake part is da bomb (we'll be having a lemon kind at the party with blueberry topping), the only trouble is I have trouble with the graham cracker crust. It's always soggy.

Anyone know the secret?

Anyway. My party girl streak has been itching for more than two years to have people over. My last apartment in Lexington was a bit of a shoebox and not accommodating at all for entertaining. I guess having parties are a perfect combination of my two favorite things: Food and socializing.

I've had wild parties:
-There was that one time 15 of us ended up dancing in my bedroom, all wearing my crazy hats, scarves and sunglasses. That party has gone down in infamy as the Accessory Dance Party

I've had fun parties:
-There was that one time we all went back to my place after we met up at a bar downtown. It was the same night I did a shot of tequila with Woody Harrelson and had an at length convo (well, long where celebrities are concerned) with the guy. He almost came to the party, too, until some weird girl in our group latched on to him and would not physically let his arm go until his handler got involved.

I've had scary parties:
-There was that one time an ex-boyfriend (his name was the same of that of a man who was in love with Pocahontas) had a bit too much to drink and didn't bother to use the front door. Oh, no, that was too conventional for this boyfriend. He decided to punch a hole in the window of the locked back door. Never mind that the kitchen was full of people who would unlock the door for him. He proceeded to bleed everywhere and then became quite difficult for the rest of the night. Picture Kate the Great in the most fabulous, red silk top you've ever seen running/driving after Crazy Boyfriend in the rain. Crazy Boyfriend went on to say he'd break up with me if I took him to the hospital.

Yeah, that's one relationship to cherish.

Anyway. I hope tomorrow's party is drama free and full of lots of good food, good drink and great friends.

See you there ;)

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