Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Coincidents" and Other Trinkets

-Yesterday I saw or spoke to five different pregnant women. I don't know whether to take that as a sign or a warning.

-God is apparently speaking to me through the newspaper. Sagittarius (nov 22. To Dec. 21) Your mind is a rocket, but your body is molasses. Exercise to balance the equation.

-I had the strangest sensation this morning. I thought I smelled the presence of someone I've been thinking quite a lot of. No such luck. It was a co-worker who apparently wears the same cologne as my friend, John.

-Weddings, weddings everywhere. I am about to drop a dime on a bridesmaid dress for a wedding I'm in this September, and I just found out an old friend of mine is getting hitched in Colo-rad-oh this July. Another friend of mine is jumping the stick in October. I had another one of these "Everybody Get Married" years back in 2003. Kind of wild.

-Don't you hate losing track of someone whom you dearly care about? My freshman year college roommate is the kind of kindred spirit whom I can go a year without talking to, and yet when we next connect it's like we just spoke yesterday. I was on the verge of devastation when I discovered I had an old phone number for Delta Dawn. Thank God for the internet. I googled her and found a current email address. All is well. Delta is safe in the rolling hills of North Carolina and a phone date is on the way.

You all know where you can always find me. Pounding out my random musings here.


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