Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dirty Songs By Brazilian Girls

The Boston Trip Continued.

After dinner we strolled towards Faneuil Hall to go to the classic Black Rose, one of the most popular Irish bars in town. My dad and I have been going to The Rose for years, so I wanted to show D-Money just how cool it is. Lots of live music, lots of laid back people (which is pretty much the dress code for Boston) and lots of fun. There were even some crazy drinkers who jumped up out of their seats and gave the crowd a show of Irish dancing (though I don't think there was as much technique involved as there was just some drunk people doing some wild shuffling on the floor.)

After a couple Black and Tans we decided to head around the corner to Kitty O'Shea's on State Street. The bar has been called one of the best in Boston so we decided to check it out and see if it lived up to the hype.

Downstairs is more "low key bar" with a garage type band playing in the back. Upstairs was all about House music. I think some tripped up versions of Jackson Five hits were playing on the turntable, so we decided to go back downstairs.

We found two seats at the bar and immediately struck up a convo with one of the bartenders. She found out we were visiting from Ohio (true story: she asked us if we left our tractors at the state line) and so she and her crew decided to keep us filled up on free shots of liquor. I don't really know what any of the concoctions were called, but D-Money isn't a shot drinker so it was a twofer for me every time. I think by the time the fourth set of shots rolled around, I did one and then shook my head, passing up the chance to drink free alcohol in an otherwise pricy city.

I have a pretty good tolerance, and I don't know whether that's a good thing.


The band was jamming to all kinds of music. The Shoe, as they're called, played everything from Mack the Knife to a song I won't list here because the words are dirty, but it's a tune by the Brazilian Girls and you can find the lyrics here. Surprisingly, I had heard the song before (I think on Letterman) and was singing along.

A really drunk late 30 something Irishman was all over me about the time D-Money was talking to a handsome guy across the bar. I was doing my best to send out the Help Me flares without appearing to much like a Goody Goody bitch, so I decided to meander my way towards the dance floor and D-Money. After a few obligatory dance moves (sedate on my part, really far out there on the Irish Dude) we made our way to the door. It was 2 am and the bar was closing up shop for the night.

Inside my head at the time: Wait. I thought this was a big city? Even Cincinnati drinks later than that.

Hot Guy and one of his friends told us we didn't have to wrap the party up early. Apparently China Town is the place to go for late night drinks.

A cab ride later and we were sitting in some white tablecloth Chinese restaurant with some very eager servers ready to take care of our every move. Hot Guy's friend ordered a pot of "cold tea" for the table to which we were a bit dismayed. What is this cold tea you speak of? I asked.

It turned out we were sitting in a modern day speakeasy and Cold Tea was the code word for crappy beer.

I lifted my handle-less tea cup up to my mouth thinking beggars can't be choosers, so Nati Light (or perhaps Beast) it is, and down the hatch it went.

Seven people, three pots of cold tea and four Chinese dishes later, and our eager server arrived with the bill. 85 bucks and change. We all moved for our wallets, but the Hot Guy's friend pulled out his plastic and sent the server on his way.

We said our thank yous and our goodbyes and headed for the street, hoping to find a taxi cab. The Hot Guy's friend followed along and D-Money and I spun around to inquire. He apparently thought that since he was the big guy and grabbed the check, he thought he'd be entitled to grab something else back at our hotel room.

What an asinine way of thinking. It's amazing there are still a few of these chauvinist pigs in the world.

We laughed him off and hopped in a cab, headed back to the Wyndham Boston.

All in all, it was a good night. A very good night, indeed.

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