Monday, May 01, 2006

The Jig Is Up!

Did you find me? Yeah, y-o-u.

I've been kind of dancing around the idea of my blog, but by the looks of my IP address counter, it looks like you might have found me.

Drats! And here I thought I had done a good job dodging the issue ;)

OH well. I'm cool with you reading any of the stuff I've got here. I'm pretty much an open book and will answer any of your questions.

You know how to reach me...


Me! said...

Oh dear Kate. Don't allow a man to read your blog. I have made this mistake before. Suddenly you feel hindered. And frankly, they don't stop reading it even after you're done with eachother. But maybe that's just been my luck.

Kate The Great said...

Oh but I didn't let him.

I think he was smart enough to find it, though.

Me! said...

Yeah, my "J" found it on his own too. I guess it's not that hard once you say, "I blog". They find it from there on their own. Men love challenges.

Kate The Great said...

Don't they though?

And at least I can dish out the ultimate challenge that every man tries to conquer swiftly.

I've survived long droughts before, so I suggest all gamblers to put their money on me ;)

NB-C said...

Welcome back! I can't wait to hear all about the trip up North!