Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday's Top Ten: Forget Rent - Things I'd Rather Spend My Money On

10. A pair of black, stiletto slides
9. A spring/summery Coach bag, preferably a nice "going out" size
8. A wonderful, luxe pedicure at the Aveda in Hyde Park
7. Some fun clothes for my next trip (Las Vegas in August)
6. Some flowery house plants and a table and a pair of chairs for my back patio
5. 400 thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets
4. A First Class upgrade for my trip to London in October
3. A bauble from Tiffany & Co. (I'm thinking one of those coin bracelets or maybe a silver ring)
2. A couch and loveseat set from Crate & Barrel
1. An awesome, urban townhouse in Prospect Hill in Downtown Cincinnati.

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