Sunday, July 01, 2007

Anorexic Spender

I really hate saving money.

It's not so much that I can't stave off the urge to buy a new, $200 Coach purse or a sweet pair of stilettos.

More like - I have a problem doing away with the infrequent Starbucks latte (I like a venti, non-fat, sugar free version) and the occasional car wash.

Maybe a bottle of wine here and a bottle of body wash there and then I realize I've spent as much money as that 200-clam hand bag I've drooled over.

Lucky for me, most of the time I don't have to forgo the lattes and car washes and occasional drinks on a sunny patio. Most of the time my paycheck can stretch far enough to afford the necessities and little luxuries of my even littler life.

But the next few months will be a bit tough as I scrimp and save for a purchase far more luxurious than a bottle of body wash.

In a couple weeks I'll be buying a round-trip ticket to Europe. I'm taking a week off in Sept./Oct. to go back to London to see D-Money for a few days. After spending some time under the Union Jack she and I are planning to travel on to Amsterdam.

The plane tickets (including a one-way leg from London to AMS) are pricing at around $875.

That shouldn't be too painful.

The rough stuff is convincing my brain to skip out on a night out to save 20 bucks for spending money. I didn't bring as much cash with me as I should have last October and so this time I'm training my brain to be prepared. Believe it or not - 100 bucks a day doesn't go as far as you'd expect. This time I'm shooting for 200 bucks a day but I imagine $150 is a little more realistic.
I just have to remind myself I'm saving for this.


The Notorious N.A.T said...

I just got that itch.

That freaking European oh I must go kind of itch...

I'm jealous! And I have the $20 here and there issue too. I saw a fabulous new Coach purse yesterday for a cool $ was so pretty. But alas, I had already spent $20 at Old Navy (denim jacket), $160 on new scents (Miss Dior Cherie and Angel), $134 on some new make up at Sephora, and a couple dinners here and there. It was not a good idea to come to a city with a bigger mall. Nope. And tell me why I have anxiety over plopping down a few hundred for a fab bag?


Kate The Great said...

Nat. I am already dreaming of my next trip. I am thinking maybe South America next June. Like, either Buenos Aires or Rio.

Wanna go?