Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Crystal Ball

What do you do when someone wants to know your availability for the next 10 months?

Like, the time when you're handed a calendar and asked to mark off the days you wouldn't hypothetically be able to attend a committee meeting?

Part of me jumped into action, flipping through my day planner and desk calendar to find conflicts. Vacation in Sept/Oct: check. Trip to Atlanta: check. Keeneland in October: Check. I flipped through the pages noting conflicts here and there when my brain figuratively slapped my cheek with the thought isn't this a bit excessive?

I'm all for trying to minimize conflict but when your committee involves eight busy people you've got to accept the fact that there are going to be meetings where some of your members are going to be absent.


A thin tremor of panic set in as I realized I didn't have as many committments after the New Year. I grew concerned that the figurative committee meetings would wreak havoc on all those events and occasions I've yet to commit to. Things like Keeneland in April and road trips to Chicago and last minute jaunts to Ibiza.

Okay, so I'm not currently planning a last minute jaunt to Ibiza. But I could - only that some damn committee meeting would be getting in the way of my footloose and fancy free lifestyle.

God, I struggle with committment.

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