Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dickensian Irony

I love the classics.

So many writers like Dickens, Fitzgerald and Hawthorne - they all attached descriptive names to characters to further symbolize who they are.

Pip - little, young, humble
Daisy - innocent, fresh, simple
Chillingsworth - dark, vengeful
Dimmesdale - insignificant, weak

I love this clever literary trick, and God must too, because I often find similar parallels in real life.

I sometimes wonder whether my own last name implies something - either a gift or a burden or something spiritually connected.

I was reminded of this real life version by a story making the news today involving a man by the name of Dickman.

I'm not kidding.

Do you ever notice this strange trick of fate - a person's name corresponding with some element of their being?

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JAB said...

There's a gyno here in the Ville who's last name is Hyman and there's a urologist who's last name Dick.