Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Late Night Parties And Other Escapades

There are some real humdinger shindigs in my past.

Crazy ass parties that erupted after nights of bar hopping, wild celebrations to commemorate a significant day in time or a friend's life. Massive, hedonistic fetes chock full of debauchery, high jinks and other good stuff.

I like a good drink in my hand and I love great conversation even more.

I am a reformed Party Girl.

Sure, some of my memories are hazy, but I can remember those wild and crazy days of way back.

So my brain raced to visions of a shotgunning beer and playing I Never when a ruckus stirred my from my sugar plum dreams of Dwight Schrute.

It wasn't quite a clatter on the rooftop. It was more like a cavalcade of cheers, shouts and other charismatic enthusiasm. The girls who live above me (is it two now? Three? And does that guy who lets himself in with a key live there, too?) decided to have a get-together last night.

Ladies, I want to say to them. Does massive social gathering at 3:30 am on a school night constitute get-together?

I imagine it's the same thing my neighbors thought when I had a crazy ass party in my small, Lexington apartment building - the same building that was full of a bunch of bona fide grown ups.


She exists and sometimes she's a total bitch.

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