Friday, July 13, 2007


I can't believe I didn't pee my pants...

Long story short: Like lots of people, I sleep in my underwear.

This is important.

Well, the upstairs neighbors decided to have a late night party at midnight last night so I went to my living room to read a few pages of C'est la Vie.

At 12:30 I heard the most frightening sound - the shocking rattle of my front door handle.

Someone was trying to get in my house.

It stopped abruptly then started again! I was freaked.

The only response I had? I yelled a loud, "Excuse me!!"

The blinds on my front door window are broken in one spot, and there's this three inch square of bare window exposed.

I threw a blanket around my body and saw a big hairy eyeball staring back at me through the window.

I freaked. I really can't believe I didn't pee my pants. I started yelling, and I'm pretty sure I wanted to cry.

For some reason (this was the not-so-smart part of this whole fiasco) I flung the door open.

And it was Double Platinum running from my front porch.

He and his girlfriend were at the bar down the street and they wanted to freak me out.

To say the least...

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Jeregano said...

I have to say, and perhapes it isn't nice but, this made me laugh. Hard and out loud.