Saturday, October 11, 2008


God, this evening is an emotional roller coaster.

First, I'm drowning my sorrows in disappointment and sadness (and publishing really sub-par poetry for all the world to see) and then I am as angry as a wildcat in a burlap bag (to throw in my own Ratherism).

Some of you will walk to the end of the driveway tomorrow morning to get your Sunday paper. Others will walk to the store or gas station and pick up the edition known for its coupons and weekly advertisement circulars.

The rest of you will log on and visit the paper's online version.

Whatever your format, you will discover a paper that includes its senatorial and congressional endorsements.

Herein lies my rage.

For as long as I can remember, people have bitched about the liberal media, boldly saying working journalists weave their political leanings into the stories they craft for television and newsprint.

Well, the Cincinnati Enquirer has done a bang up job bucking the "trend."

The local fish wrap has chosen to endorse a stable full of incumbent Republicans - a rickety barn with the likes of Jean Schmidt and Mitch McConnell.

I am floored.

Jean Schmidt is the local congressional embarrassment. This is a woman who crafted the brilliant idea of building a massive depot to store the world's nuclear waste in close proximity to Ohio University.

Either this woman has lost her brain - or her heart.

And Mitch. Oh, Mitchie, Mitch, Mitch.

This man must have sold his soul to the devil.

He secured several earmarks in exchange for campaign contributions from the clients of his former Chief of Staff. Mitch McConnell accepted financial support from an Eastern Kentucky coal millionaire who was under scrutiny for unsafe labor practices. He's voted against raising minimum wage 14 times.

But friends, if this doesn't turn you off, then go ahead and become a follower on McConnell's Facebook page.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised about the Enquirer's picks.

The paper is on its last legs and management is clinging to antiquity in the state's last bastion of Republicanism - and pollsters say the Red is turning to Blue all over Ohio.

Who knew my PMS would take a political bent tonight?


Donald said...

Rough week? :-)

Hope you at least get the benefit of the quasi-three-day weekend.....

Graeter's doesn't have any virtual chocolate ice cream, or I'd send some over.....

Kate The Great said...

Oh Donald... you are such a compasionate gent. I would love some virtual Graeters.

And I love that you totally bypassed my political rant and offered your support.


sledge said...

If The Enquirer is still around in five years, I'll eat my hat.

WestEnder said...

If the Enquirer is still around in 5 years, I'll eat... I'll eat... I'm sorry, I'm not going there. I just can't do it.

(The original idea was a reference to its 2nd district endorsee, but... Do I really need to explain?)

Denae said...

We actually interviewed Mitch via sat after the last Presidential debate. He used several cliches that were unimpressive.