Monday, October 06, 2008


I never thought I'd be thankful for the occasional pimple.

But that's my thinking after discovering an unusual news story that made me consider how grateful I am for my complexion.

But before I get into that News of the Weird nugget, let me first tell you about another event that is inspiring gratitude.

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is attending a rally at Cincinnati's Ault Park Thursday afternoon. The venue opens at 1 pm, and the event is expected to start two hours later.

You can find more information here:

I am thankful I live in a country where we are allowed to exercise our right to vote. I am also grateful for the immense desire for change I sense in many, many people around this country.

Okay, back to the News of the Weird.

But first, a word of warning: you should not read further if you have a light stomach, have just eaten or anticipate eating in the near future.

The images in this story will truly disturb you.

If you are even the slightest bit queasy, I suggest you move along.

Okay, here's the story for the rest of you.

I stumbled across this story quite by accident. Well that's not entirely true, I saw the headline on and was curious, but I had no idea how much this story would grab me.

The headline said, "Cause of 'Treeman's' Barklike Growths Revealed."

I had to peek ~ the headline made the guy sound like one of those circus freaks, and so I just had to know more, and yet my heart went out to anyone who would experience an ailment so debilitating.

I saw the first picture, and was simultaneously captivated and disgusted.

Treeman is an Indonesian man who is experiencing the perfect storm of medical ailments. He suffers from a genetically inherited immune diffect that is unable to fight disease well - just as his flesh is attacked by a strain of HPV that involves common warts.

As you can see, this man has anything but common warts on his skin.

The extreme, bark-like growths make it hard for Dede Kosawa to distinguish his fingers and toes. Repeatedly, doctors have trimmed away the growths, prompting the gigantic warts to grow back with a vengeance. reports Kosawa has a hard time eating, as holding a fork or spoon is difficult for him. The man also has a tough time walking, and says the growths are very heavy on his skin.

Sensational shock is not my reason for posting this nugget. Yes, it's like watching a train wreck - you don't really want to look, but you can't turn away.

Really, gratitude is the reason why I'm posting the story and pics. After reading Kosawa's story, I was so thankful for my rosy, somewhat blemished skin. Yes, I am in my 30s and I still get pimples. In the winter, I struggle with dryness and flaking.

But my problems pale in comparison to Kosawa's, and that's something to appreciate.


Jeregano said...

You'll be able to find me in Ault Park on Thursday afternoon, and I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity!

Me! said...

I already took off of work Thursday to attend. I've got about 4 of us thus far that are going. Not sure as of yet whether we are hitting the Dayton appearance or the Cincinnati. In Dayton, he's appearing at Fifth Third Field so I think there is a better chance of having better parking and a chance to finally sit down after all the standing in line. It starts at 11 with doors opening at 9.

I'm soo thankful for all of this. I've already cast my vote and I'm thankful I was able to.

Oh, and since I have a pimple tonight as well you helped put that into perspective. Thanks!

FKA GoofyAssChick