Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome All!

Hello friends!

Welcome to the newly redesigned Kate's Random Musings!

I've been wanting a custom layout for a long, long time (read: three years or so) and finally decided to make the investment.

This redesign was courtesy of Beth at
Ruby and Roja. Check out their page to get an idea of what kind of work Ruby and Roja can do for you - whether you are a singleton, a mommy blogger, a tech geek or a blogger with a specific genre, Ruby and Roja can come up with the perfect design for you (and they're very reasonable).

We're still working out some minor kinks (so minor you might not even see 'em) but otherwise I am super pleased with the results. I was so over the SHOCKING PINK and decided it was time for something a little more sophisticated.

I think this suffices.

I've also decided to beef up the blog and offer somewhat regular video blogging. Check out the video above for more information.

Hope you enjoy the new layout and the many fun video logs yet to come!



Unknown said...

It looks FABULOUS -- so much easier to read and to look at!

glass said...

Dig it _lots_! And super looking forward to cooking with k8 videos!

spydrz said...

I'm really liking this...makes me realize how tired mine is...still in the November 2004 era...

The Notorious N.A.T said...

Looks great!!! Congrats!

LMJ said...

Awesome job Katy on the re-design! The gal you worked with did a beautiful job and I know it's been lots of hard work. The results look fabulous - I love it!
Congratulations & looking forward to the videos too.

ShannanB said...


Denae said...

Girl - you should have been in FRONT of the camera. Loved the video! It seems like you're talking to me. As for the blog...fantastic! So you - fun yet classy. Love, D