Friday, July 17, 2009

Crazy Minnesotan

I know a thing or two about Crazy Minnesotans.

Half of my genetic code belongs to Minnesota, and the other half to Ohio. My mom is a native Minnesoooootan (5chw4r7z says even I say this word like a native), and my 89-year-old grandma still toughs it out through the brutal winters of Duluth.

Like I said, I know a thing or two about Crazy Minnesotans.

They're a little bit quirky and a whole lotta stubborn - but sometimes that's a good thing.

Crazy Minnesotans get on their soapbox and take action. Crazy Minnesotans are passionate about what they perceive to be right and wrong.

Crazy Minnesotans are enamored with their 10,000 plus lakes, and as such, are green freaks.

When I was five, I was a Crazy Minnesotan, toting around Minneapolis a blue, metal Holly Hobby lunchbox covered in a Stop Acid Rain sticker.

Crazy Minnesotan, just like the dude in this clip.

If I was there and knew the guy, I'd totally help him out.

Hat tip to @wlwt for tweeting this video.

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Ed Kohler said...

Give me a ring if you ever find yourself in Minnesota and have a hankerin' (non-Minnesotan saying) for joining the yellow pages brigade.