Thursday, July 16, 2009

Welcome Home

Welcome Home: A Play in One Act
by Kate

Kate, a curvy, blonde 30-something
The Man, a middle-aged Indian gentleman

Kate has just parked her car on her Cincinnati neighborhood street. The man is sitting on his front stoop, several doors down from Kate's apartment, watching the cars come and go.

Narrator: It was a long day, and Kate's feet were aching. Dressed in her little black dress and stiletto peep toes, she'd spent the day in meeting after meeting, and was grateful for a quick change before the night's obligations.

Just a few doors over, Kate has caught the eye of a neighbor she's never spoken to, a neighbor who was motivated to get up from his step and engage the young woman in their first conversation.

(Kate gathers her purse and several tote bags out of the front passenger seat of her car. The man begins to approach her).

The Man: Hello, pretty lady.

Kate: Hi there.

The Man: Do you live here?

Kate: At this apartment building? Yes, right over there (Kate nods her head in the direction of her door).

The Man: Ahhh. Apartment 1234? Do you live alone?

Kate: (taking a few steps away from the car and toward her apartment). Welllll, yeah, I do.

The Man: And do you have a husband?

Kate: Uhhh, no I don't.

The Man: Do you have a fiance? (The man's smile grows. Kate begins to ascend a few sidewalk steps toward her apartment).

Kate: Nope.

The Man (giving her a once over as his smile practically radiates): And do you have a boyfriend?

Kate: Yes.

The Man: You do?

Kate: Yes, I do.

The Man: Is it permanent?

Kate: I'm sorry?

The Man: Is it permanent?

Kate (head confidently nodding as she looks down at the man standing a few steps below): Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's permanent.

The Man: Okay, good bye. Very pretty. Very pretty.

Kate abruptly walks away from the gentleman, without saying goodbye, and quickly opens her door, locking the deadbolt behind her, alone in her apartment.


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Kitty said...

It's odd that the first thing to pop into my head when I saw "welcome home" as a subject title was King Diamond's song.

thanks, Clerks II.

Your encounter sounded just as creepy.

John Gumm said...

Sounds like he was just a friendly man looking for a date to me. Did you get his number?

Dr. Alex said...

How long does a permanent boyfriend last for? Do they ever grow up to become something different?

Kate The Great said...

Kitty - yes, it was creepy. I thought the man wanted to eat me. He was practically licking his chops, and in this case, I didn't find it attractive.

JG- No. Normally I wouldn't say this, but I am WAY out of this guy's league.

Alex- I think a permanent boyfriend becomes a common-law husband after several years of quasi-commitment. Me? I only will call someone a husband when I get a ring or two.

Ara said...

I have to agree with word...creepy.

Sic said...

Hahaha. "Very pretty. Very pretty."

Who does that?