Monday, July 20, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Bachelorette parties are serious business.

At least, they are when KtG joins forces with one of the most connected young women in Greater Cincinnati.

Bluegrass Brit is getting hitched in September, and our dear friend Candace and I are planning a full scale attack for our debauchery in Chicago. It's a trip that involves eight women (half of whom are flying over from the UK for the festivities), two nights and one of the nation's greatest cities.

I am responsible for planning some of our nightlife activities, and am looking for suggestions from the peanut gallery.

If I know my readers (and I think I do), you all are well traveled, fun, fabulous people, and I'm hoping you have a few ideas up your sleeve.

Waiting with bated breath...

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LMJ said...

Here's a short & funny game...everyone at the party brings a bottle of liquor and a pair of newly purchased underwear for the bride to be. Then the bride has to match the bottle & panties with the person. It's a fun way to help stock the couple's bar and the bride's underwear drawer! Have fun in Chicago :)

Becky said...

Mine was in Chicago as well... my best friend made me drink my name (i.e., B=beer, etc.), which led to a not-so-fun Saturday morning. BUT... I recommend Pops for Champagne, it's cheesy but fun.

Emily H. said...

There is a cool reggae bar near Wrigleyville where the rum punch flows like Kool-Aid.

There is also an improv place nearby that sometimes does a show called "The Lottery" where they roll a die at the end and you only pay that many dollars.