Sunday, November 20, 2011

Secret Society

Yes, Virginia. They do exist.

When I jetted off to Connecticut last weekend, I anticipated fine dining. Every ounce of my being salivated at the thought of revisiting my old hometown. I expected visiting some of the local hot spots.

Those elements are de rigueur when it comes to traveling.

I had no idea I'd stumble on a secret along the way.

Last weekend we had the thrilling pleasure of snagging an invite to one of the secret societies at Yale University. Not this one, and not this one, and not this one, but yet another one on campus. There are 12 such societies on the ivy-and-stone walled school.

So. These secret societies. What are they all about?

Established as far back as the 1830s, they all have gorgeous buildings (they affectionately call them 'tombs') that feature few windows, beautiful masonry and tall walls or gates.

Mostly social in nature, these societies typically offer membership to a select group of seniors. Only current members and alumni are allowed inside the tomb (though I assume members and alumni make exceptions for pretty girls).

We grabbed our wine glasses and padded our way through the building. A brief dance party erupted after someone flicked on a strobe light, and we busted moves hardly seen in the place a hundred years ago.

Then we passed through a secret door and took a staircase to a sort of meeting chambers - complete with upholstered chairs and a podium for members to address the crowd.

I won't admit whether any photos exist of our secret society jaunt. That just wouldn't be a wise move. Thankfully, Google features a lot of secret society-related photos for the curious.

I'd always wondered about these Ivy League secret societies. They sometimes get heavy play in Hollywood's hits, and I grew more curious years ago when I learned that GWB (and GHWB and John Kerry) was a member of Skull and Bones.

Both GWB and Kerry were asked about their membership in "Bones" during the 2004 election. Both remarked they didn't have much to say about it, "...because it's a secret."
I'll oblige the sentiment.

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