Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things I'm Thankful For

A list.

No explanation needed. In no particular order.

A colorful family including this year's newest edition, Liam Michael
Several close friends with deep, honest connections
Even more pals who make my days entertaining and worthwhile
A beloved neighborhood, warts and all
The Junior League of Cincinnati
My newfound love of running
Far flung adventures that open eyes and make me feel
The strength to act on those feelings
The courage to stand alone
Limitless optimism. It will always get better. Always
An enriching job, complete with amazing colleagues
Manhattans (up, of course) with good bourbon
My B.A. from the University of Kentucky
A kick ass pie crust recipe
My straight teeth - thanks for the braces, Mom and Dad!
Bono and the entire U2 band (in the name of love..)
Aww, hell. Bacon, too
A loft apartment with a stellar view
My bike!
My singing voice
Food in the refrigerator, a warm bed, and a clean shower
The ability to read
My subscription to Vanity Fair
My iPod Classic/iPod Shuffle/iPhone trio
NPR (especially Jian Ghomeshi)
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
My Nana's WWII coin bracelet
hair bleach
Clean drinking water
My innate curiosity and sense of adventure
A valid passport
A love of public transportation
A kind heart
Limitless opportunity

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