Monday, November 15, 2004

Anna Nicole On Crack

Anyone see the AMAs Sunday night?

Anna Nicole Smith has got to be on crack... or those diet pills are getting to her.

Photo courtesy of PR NewsWire

The former Guess model turned reality show superstar introduced some guy last night, the trouble is, she probably upstaged the guy she was tossing to. Slurring voice, seductive gestures and barely coherent speech dominated her little appearance... leading anyone to wonder whether she was high, drunk or had been overly tasered by the local police department.

Poor Anna became the laughingstock for the rest of the AMAs, with even host Jimmy Kimmel taking a few pot shots at the unnaturally high blonde bombshell. If you missed the whole ordeal, you missed out on a few good laughs.

But I am dying to know, do those pills even work? I mean, I am truly stunned at how great Anna looks. But I guess I'll stick with my flabby physique if it means I'd be as loopy as she was.


Michael Hickerson said...

I didn't watch the AMAs but I saw a clip of Anna Nicole...boy, I tell ya, she's getting out there...

OK, farther out there than before.

That said--your adoring fans love ya just the way you are. :-)

Pink Poppy said...

Man, was she pitiful or WHAT? She is so sad to me. Anybody who is SO needy for attention has got to be perfectly and utterly miserable. I'd say crack and a few other controlled substances in combo....

Little Pieces of Me said...

She didn't even look good! Did you see her hair? What was she thinking? I read somewhere that she's using bad eyesight as her excuse! LOL

Reminded me of the lame excuse Ashlee Simpson used for her SNL mishap.

Requiem4aDream said...

Haha.. came across this post doing some research to find out the latest funny on Anna Nicole ... too true. She must be on the same shit Whitney Houston started taking when she turned into a nut job. All I wanna know is who is thei dealer and can I have his number? You might be interested in my "solution" for the pestilence of Anna Nicole Smith.. I posted it on my blog about What's Funny to a Gay Tweeker. If you are easily offended you might wanna pass on it though! If you aren't easily offended and you think it's fun to laugh at drugs and sex you can also read Sketchy Mess Jeoffory. Thanks for the laugh about her high-ness!!