Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Romance Bouncing Between My Brain Cells

I am all a-flutter.

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I am thick in the middle of a tawdry affair, and I love every minute of it.

It started innocently... with a social event for my bible study. It wasn't a hoedown, a prayer off or any other puritan thought that might jump to your assuming mind. About 12 of us spent the day playing in a local version of CBS's Amazing Race, and I was in charge of the whole operation.

I joined the group about 3 years ago, branded what many call in a "seeker" stage. My faith has grown stronger over the years and now I like to think of myself as a big contributor to our group. Long participating in the spiritual side of things, our little scavenger hunt was the first time I'd ever taken responsibility for organizing a social event for the group (I can't believe I had waited so long!)

Anyway, as Catholics, we make a point of adding alcohol to almost everything we do (it's a stereotype some folks work hard to live up to). We capped off the little race with a cookout at a couple's home... and then some socializing over games like Taboo and Outburst.

I had no idea how refreshing and how much fun playing games with a bunch of adults can be.

Especially with one adult in particular.

JC (not THAT J.C.) started coming to the study a couple weeks ago... his arrival bowled me over the first time I saw him. He's very attractive, and as I got to talk to him I discovered he's hard working, smart and even a little bit cocky (which I find terribly attractive.) He's active in politics and a business organization around town, and is discovering his own spirituality. Sounds like a winner in my book.

Anyway, JC showed up to my little scavenger hunt with a broad smile across his face. That same smile stuck through the night. During Trivial Pursuit, JC was crammed in the middle of a love seat, beaming with a girl on either side of him, I happened to be seated to the right. The other chick is, how do I say this nicely, perhaps asexual?? So I knew I was the clear winner where this threesome was concerned. Anyway, at one point the other girl got up to use the restroom and JC turned to me and said "If you're gonna flirt, flirt for real." And I kind of gave him an I-couldn't-be-less-interested response and facial expression.

But he saw right through me.

At the end of the night, he asked me if I wanted to go get a drink with him... and when we got in the car we noticed I had a flat tire. We put off changing the tire and instead (being the sober driver) I got behind the wheel of HIS car. We got to a cute little Irish bar with a great 80's band. He's a hard core Republican so I wasn't expecting him to cut a rug on the dance floor... boy, was I wrong. He was really jazzed about the tunes and asked if I'd dance with him.

Another endearing moment: I haven't had an alcoholic drink in almost 12 months. Not even a sip. Well... I am in the middle of telling him my whole journey with alcohol when the waitress brings my Red Bull and Cranberry. I take my first sip and immediately start panicking: it was my first sip of vodka in months. He waived down the waitress and had her switch out my drinks. I took a sip of this next glass... and immediately spit it back into the glass. This time it had coconut rum... Well, JC just couldn't believe it. He took a sip (despite my already discarded sip and yucky backwash) to confirm my claim.

So cute.

Doors held open for me... guiding me by touching the small of my back... I was head over heels... but holding my feelings close to the vest . I drove us back to my car and it's flattened tire... where he planted a big fat kiss on me. He proceeded to change my tire (so sexy) and kiss me simultaneously.

I'm not going to share all the gory details... even though I am sure some of you want me to. Let me just say I'd never had such a full service tire changing in my whole entire life.

It turns out even the chicks in the bible study can have a good time once in a while, too ;)

He called me the next morning to say hello and that he'd be calling me mid week to make plans of some sort. I'm unsure whether he'll actually make it to the study Wednesday, but his response this week is definitely the bellwether on what I can expect in the days to come.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Little Pieces of Me said...

Awesome! I'm happy for you! From what you wrote, he sounds like one to keep. ;) Can't wait to hear the next chapter of this new story.

Pink Poppy said...

A BIG WOO-HOO on this one, Kate! Don't want to get all out of sorts so early so I'll just sit tight, cross my fingers and send LOADS of good karma your way.