Wednesday, November 10, 2004

There's Nothing Better Than...

...a big bear hug from your dad... whom you haven't seen in five months.

...seeing your little sister, ten years your junior, visit your Alma Mater to consider it as her own school.

...sharing a simple meal of Cincinnati Chili and the best ice cream you've ever had (Oprah's favorite) with your family.

...after 4 months of utter neglect, cleaning your apartment/home/condo to welcome loved ones who've traveled far to see you.

...bringing a smile to someone's face by giving them a hand made gift (a crocheted black and purple scarf with those little spunky threads that pop out... giving it some texture)

...instead of being alone in the morning, waking up to some loving company... sharing a cup of tea and Good Morning America with your dad.

1 comment:

Pink Poppy said...

Makes me happy just reading it... :)