Monday, November 29, 2004

The Look of Kate

Thanks to Poppy for inspiring me on this post :)

I was visiting the Popster's website when she had a link to Brighton and all the bag styles they have named after different folks. Mine looks like a big tote bag or diaper bag...

The Kate Bag by Brighton

It got me thinking about all the other fine handbags out there with names.

Shall we investigate further?

I think so...

Vera Bradley chooses to name many of their patterns... the closest one to honor me would be Katherine, my real name.

The Toggle Tote in the Katherine pattern

My favorite handbag designer, Coach, chooses to recognize places with the names of their handbags. I doubt the following design pays homage to my hometown, but it certainly is a possibility.

The Madison Satin Clutch by Coach

While I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with Coach, that one above isn't quite my style.

When we play the word association game, "Kate" and "handbag" jog my mind to a whole other, classic look.

The georgetown piper by kate spade.

Kate's starting to branch out into more trendy designs, but this bag embodies the classic lines and style she's cornered the market on.

Ahhh. I could sit all day and purse shop... but then some reporter will blow my cover and figure out what I'm doing in my corner of the newsroom all day long.

Just kidding, Dave.


Unknown said...

I just found your blog through Poppy's link, enjoy it very much!

I personally like the Kate Spade classic. Can't really go wrong with Kate Spade, though!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate! And Hey GFF! Discovering the wonders of Kate the Great for the first lovely!

Kate, the bag that bears the name closest to mine at Brighton also looks like a diaper bag. Are they trying to tell us something? I do love most of the OTHERS, though. Thanks for the shout!