Tuesday, December 14, 2004

12:10 am... Kate The Great reporting for duty...

Okay, so I'm not quite "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed" but I feel a whole lot better.

Three sleeping pills, 6 hours of sleep, half a bag of chocolate chips and one shower later, I am decidedly content with my week-long assignment, producing the morning show at our fine, little hell-hole TV station.

And I even look cute, I might add.

I'm sipping on my first of probably 8 or 9 cups of coffee to help me make it through the night. Since I'm not too enthused about arriving at the 'ole ranch (what I affectionately call this little hell-hole) at 11:30 PM, I decided to bring in my own coffee. This is the point where I admit I'm actually a coffee snob and refuse to drink the sludge the Corporation shells out to keep the worker bees busy. So tonight, I'm treating everyone to cinnamon flavored Gevalia coffee straight from Columbia. That tiny country is singlehandedly responsible for keeping both coke (the kind that makes for Hollywood "nose jobs") and coffee addicts tied to their respective crutches.

But I digress.

My earlier post indicated (as Michael aptly commented on) that I was less than happy with how my life is living at this juncture. But today (amidst my dreaming during Dr. Phil) I rationalized that this is just a phase... and that the planets are all probably lined up in some crappy formation that makes Kate the Great live a crappy life. The great thing is that at some point those same damn planets have to orbit a little bit here, and rotate a little bit there, and my crappy phase will be all gone.

At least I hope so.

So my rent's late. It's probably going to be about a month late before it's all said and done. Fortunately my landlord isn't a jerk. He's actually a really great guy and quite forgiving when it comes to girls in their late 20s who are trying to straighten out their lives before they're done growing up.

The greasy hair (did I mention that in my last post?)... well that was taken care of by a fabulous shower (they're always too short this time of year, aren't they?) with that shampoo that helps keep blonde hair (chemically treated or otherwise) looking fab. I blew my hair dry and put in those big velcro rollers to give it some bounce, volume and body.

Yes, I looked just like this.

The "uniform" of my black Gap turtle neck and Long and Lean jeans (Poppy, have you tried them yet?) has changed into a nice pair of red cords and a black V neck. Girls on the Graveyard Shift can look sexy, too.

And I even managed to smear some Amber Glass on my lips before I headed out the door.

I realized that even with as crappy as I feel about my life, it could be a whole lot worse. This time last year, I would lay in my bed every day... hours at a time... thinking there was no reason to live. I was battling a huge bout of depression and even stopped eating for a while (this in itself was a huge sign for my friends that something was afoot).

One year later, I am really happy with my relationship with Christ (now, don't write me off as being overly churchy). I'm also so excited and anxious to get home for Christmas. It's so cliche, I know, but there's nothing better than having your mom tuck you in at night, no matter how old you are. I'm looking forward to visiting with my sisters and having a good time in my hometown. I am so thankful my nuclear family is still in one piece (despite lots of struggles and heartache) and that we all actually talk to each other from time to time.

Sometimes, you've got to take a long hard look at what you're missing to realize just how much you have.

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Pink Poppy said...

No, I haven't tried them. But yes I will! And I feel like I somehow missed some of these posts before while I saw others? Things that make ya' wanna say "Hmmmm"...

Gotta go back and catch up and read the PREquel to this post. Must have been while I was having my week-long out of body experience.