Monday, December 27, 2004

Third Time's A Charm

Call it Comairgate.

The damn airline has cancelled my flights for a second time.

I was to leave CT Sunday night... then it got pushed off to Monday night. I show up in Hahtfed and they tell me (well actually Susan with Delta Airlines calls me) my flight was cancelled yet again.

Now I leave tomorrow morning.

I am beginning to realize I am not super human... and all this family togetherness (Middle Sister * and the brother-in-law got cancelled as well tonight on US Airways) is starting to wear me down.

I even called my mom a bitch.

I'm soo going to hell for that one.


Pink Poppy said...

OH MY Gosh! This is SOOO not good. Poor Mom! You MUST get on a plane ASAP! I sure hope they get their act together...Fly safely! (see how optimistic I am?)

spydrz said...

Family can be difficult in close surroundings. I had my folks come to visit, and tempers can get in the way...anyway, hope the flight (when it occurs!) is pleasant!!

Micah said...

You called your mom a bitch? Oooooooh. Not cool. Hope you are able to leave Connecticut sometime in the future.

Kate The Great said...

Yes... I was a bad girl for that one. My mom has a theory though... that she and I go through some kind of seperation anxiety when we have to part... and that's when we get witchy.

All's well that ends well, though, right?

We hugged. We kissed. No tears this time. That's when it's especially hard to say goodbye.