Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Connecticut: The New Calcutta

Who knew this place was so primitive? The drinking water here is awful, there's no protection from the elements, and the internet connection? Don't get me started.

Okay, so New York's home away from home isn't THAT rustic, but there are a few things that make this place, how do you day, less comfortable?

First off, my parents keep a cold home. This is a fact of life that comes from extremely expensive heating bills in Connecticut and a mother charging through the heart (and heat) of menopause. So I am always freezing here. As I pound away at the keyboard, my fingers feel like little, frozen snakes just dying to steal some warmth on a sunny rock. My dad sent me an email a couple days ago. Dress Warm it said, but when I think of packing for warmth, images come to mind of little Ralphie's brother, walking outside with his arms straight out because of all the layers, more staggering through the snow than he is taking steps.

Yeah, that look doesn't really work for me.

In fact, I only packed one sweater for the trip. Mostly I am wearing lighter weight tops and shirts (with little camis underneath). Yes, I am still smuggling raisins. This morning I got all dolled up, flat ironed my hair, I even put eyeliner on (that's a bellwether of just how dressed up I was) to go to the grocery with my mom. Not exactly the kind of place you want to pick up a date, but I was certainly the best dressed chick there. I can just picture it... TO THE PRODUCE GUY: "So, how are the melons. No not those, these." My mom would just die.

As for the internet connection, I feel a whole lot better. When I started this post, I was working on my little sister's computer, which is chock full of crap like songs from Maroon 5 and downloaded games. The computer was slower than trying to get a prom dress off a girl at a Baptist school. My dad told me my lil' sis apparently takes naps while she's trying to boot up her computer. Naps. Plural. Now I am working on my dad's computer with a swift DSL connection, and I am a very happy girl.

The water here can be bad, especially if you're sipping off well water. Our house is within the village limits so we have city water, and it's not that bad, actually. But you'd never know it, with as many people drinking l'eau mis en bouteille I would be inclined to think ol' Montezuma had taken a ski trip to the Northeast.

Middle Sis and her husband arrive tonight from the ATL... so anxious to see them. Finally some normal people to hang out with.

Where's the vicodin?


Pink Poppy said...

Brrrr...Have fun! I miss "family Christmas'". I must drag Hubby into getting with the program. He prefers nice, quiet Christmas with the four of us....Arrrgghh!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate - it is Jay

So you should dress warm because it...well it is warm. lol

Have a Happy Holiday!

Rachel said...

I love the "how are the melons" thing, if I were single I would use that line.

spydrz said...

Try to keep warm!! Do they have bottled water up there in the "third world?"

Micah said...

I feel your pain. I've got well water at my house and it is DISGUSTING. I hate to think how much a year I spend on bottled water.