Thursday, December 16, 2004

What You're Looking For

Some of you all are ending up at MRM because you want to read about a life more pathetic than yours, others are oddly entertained by my wacky writing style.

Still, others are ending up here through some totally bizarre Google searches:

"Japan junior high school girls underwear colors" ???????

"Youngstown Ohio ghetto drive by shooting" Okay, that one makes sense.

"My embarrassing moment" Again... makes sense.

"I peed in my white cotton panties." Who's searching for that topic?

"My embarrassing moment" Wow, more people interested in my messed up life.

"Livestrong celebrities Matt Damon pics". Nope, not here.


Micah said...

Thanks for linking my blog! Now that I can see it's title on someone else's page I get a slight feeling of regret that I named it while watching part of a Spice Girls movie on cable. Oh, well. I have to get back to making a Tex-Mex mix CD for my friend studying in Japan's friend at the Australian embassy (don't ask). Thanks again.

Kate The Great said...


So glad you like to visit! So, how is living in C-bus, anyway? I almost went to THE Ohio State University.
Spice Girls movie? Please tell me it was porn...

And Torlla, the privilege is all mine. Feel free to stop by any time... you never know what you'll catch me doing next!

Micah said...

Columbus is okay. I'm a transplant from the South, though. Oh, how I miss sweet tea and hospitality.

But it's not that bad. I saw some works by Monet, Picasso, Matisse, and Degas today (a pic or two will be up at my blog tonight or tomrrow). I do want to move back South.

No Spice Girls porn, although I would've killed for that back in 1996 (Ginger will be mine). It was their movie "Spice World". I only watched a bit of it the other day and it was bad. But what do you expect?

Funny aside: in college, my friends and I gave each other Spice names. There was Hairy Spice, Jewish Spice, Stalking Spice, etc. I, of course, was Lonely Spice.

Michele said...

Let me tell you why I am here: Pink Poppy chose you as one of her five golden rtings and I had to drop by to visit because I imagined that anyone that had the Pink Poppy seal of approval is someone that I must pay a visit to.

You have a simply delightful site now, i must go browse about a little. Please have a glorious day!!